Educational Project

What is, in fact, the most intrinsically beautiful thing in the world? Certainly, the human being, who grows and develops.

(Rudolf Steiner)

Tretzevents Waldorf-Steiner is a private Secondary Education school and the first High School in Catalonia approved and recognized by the Department of Education. Our Faculty members are a team of highly committed and vocational teachers willing to accompany the students in their personal development process. We offer an individual educational attention and for this reason we limit to 20 the number of students per class.

The Waldorf pedagogy, created by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, is among the most important educational movements worldwide and a clear example of contemporary pedagogical renewal. Integrated within Unesco’s Associated Schools Network, it is nowadays present in more tan 70 countries all over the world with more than 2.000 centers. Waldorf’s methodology is based on a continuous study of human nature. This takes shape through a full curriculum that combines intellectual, artistic and practical activities in in order to foster the different developmental phases and favour the genuine skills of each student.

Secondary education promotes the research of knowledge and exercises thinking abilities as well as students’ own points of view. The intellect is stimulated combining scientific subjects with creative or artistic ones. Years of experience have proven that subjects such as Music, Theatre, Dance and Arts do not just boost creativity in artistic areas, but also in those considered as more intellectual fields.

This is a quite sensitive stage regarding students’ personal development. On one side they are experimenting themselves internally as individuals, and on the other side, externally, feeling part of a social group . At this stage, teenagers are developing skills to try and find “the truth”, discover the laws that rule their society, their world and nature. During this discovery process, they will acquire personal judgment. Also they will experience how knowledge always promotes new questions.

As a school, we are willing to grow and become a benchmark, a meeting point for everybody interested in Waldorf . We also work to come up with more collaborative networks with institutions, museums and education agents in order to offer our students the chance to display all their skills and encourage them to go out to the world and transform it to make it a better place.